You have not scratched the surface of what you can achieve by being a Woman...

It comes back to me again and again how little we as women are taught to be women and how much we are expected to know as women, how ill prepared we are to care for ourselves let alone others. The very seed for Be the Woman... was sown when I was sitting with an incredibly inspiring and powerful woman in her own right who told it to me straight as no one else had ever dared: "You have not scratched the surface of what you can achieve by being a Woman."

At the time I thought I was at the height of success in my home and life. The incredible thing is that she was right even though it hurt very much at the time to admit it - to myself.

What was it that was missing? What had I failed to learn on my way through life? Why is it that the harder we try to have it all, the more we succeed only in complicating our lives and creating stress? The simple answer is that we've never been taught who we are as women, where our strength lies and how to work with it rather than in denial of it.

Be the Woman You were Born to Be is a practical guide for what is probably the most important journey you'll ever make in your life: the one within to find out who you are and why you are here. 

It's a collection of practical tools and guidance to understand yourself more deeply and care for yourself more effectively. It's time-tested, ancient wisdom of womankind, distilled through the modern experiences of my life and the lives of many woman whom I've counselled.

No matter how old you are or what background you are from, Be the Woman can guide you to a fulfilling, healthy and successful life about which you daren't even dream. I don't want you to be like me, I want you to like being you. Come share in this eye-opening experience...

Nicola Heathcote, mother, yoga teacher, sales and marketing professional

“Now [life] is so much easier and far more pleasurable on a day to day basis...”  (read more)

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- Nicola Heathcote, mother, yoga teacher, sales and marketing professional

Guru Kaur"And what is better than Wisdom?  Woman.  And what is better than a good woman?  Nothing." -Chaucer

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